​Size of Image      Black & White            Color

​8 x 10                      $300                            $375

9 x 12                       $350                            $450

11 x 14                     $425                             $550

Add $15.00 to above for shipping in the US.

Drawings shipped with mats.

Email or snail mail photos. A deposit of 1/2 is required. Check or Charge.

Send to:

Elizabeth Peyton

2369 Sophia Dr., Santa Rosa, CA 95403


Phone: 203-470-4845

Studio: Atelier One, 2860 Bowen St., Graton, CA

About The House Drawings: 

These are original pen and ink drawings in black and

white or color of your home, friend's or client's homes, or any other buildings of your choice. The color may be ink, watercolor or colored pencil depending on need.  All I require is a photo of the building. You may request a change of seasons, landscaping, or personal inscriptions.  Feel free to email or phone if you have questions. ​

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Heirloom Portraits of Homes